Carbon 60 Cosmetic Cream

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Our unique blend of dehydrated organic Australian Lemon rich in Natural Vitamin C in 500mg gelatin capsules

Essential for blood health and overall cellular repair. Natures natural pharmacon and remedy

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C60 Olive oil        -    Available 
C60 Coconut oil  -    Available  

C60 AU Hemp oil -    Available 

Carbon Cosmetics  C60 Creams 

Made in Australian by Australians for Australians and the world.

​​ Love Citrus

​Love C60

Carbon 60 CREAM

The First Carbon 60 Cream 
formulation in the  Southern Hemisphere with Carbon 60 Active Fullerenes activating the remarkable 
Anti Aging, scar reduction, Active skin recovery, wrinkle reducing, fades age spots ,Revitalizing, hydrating and nourishing. This is the NEW generation in cosmetics